As service provider with many years of experience in the translation field, we’re often faced with technical questions which we’d like to summarize below:

Translation is handled in writing, interpreting is done orally.

They have all received academic training to acquire the necessary command of the language along with translation skills. A translator’s specialization in a particular area of expertise is essential for comprehension and correct transfer into the foreign language. We cover a range of disciplines and ensure that only experienced and specialized translators are commissioned.

As a language service provider, we also handle foreign language DTP tasks. We edit InDesign files and deliver print-ready translations in various target languages including Mandarin and Japanese.

It is tempting to get started on a translation project as soon as possible to save time. However, later changes in the output files can be time-consuming and costly.

Based on the nature of a project, translations are charged by line, word count or working hours. Translations are priced based on the length of the text, language pair and extent and type of expertise required. The value of a translation is contingent on the qualifications and expertise of the specialist translator. Our standard is to offer quality with added value at a fair price.

Especially in those fields, it is indispensible to commission translators who are appropriately specialized in order to achieve optimal results.

Monday – Thursday: 8:30 am – 5:00 pm (CET)

Friday: 8:30 am – 3:00 pm (CET)

As a general rule, it is assumed that a seasoned translator can put out 10 standard pages per day. This time frame often includes extensive research, examination of terminology, formatting and final corrections. High quality translations require adequate time; this is the only way to ensure customer satisfaction. If the deadline is tight, we will discuss options to shorten delivery times e.g. by using multiple translators.

We edit Word, Excel, PowerPoint, InDesign, pdf, html … providing a nearly identical layout in the target language. Source files that are hard to read, handwritten or saved as an image require more effort.

What is the audience targeted by your documents? Are the documents to be handled internal corporate documents, marketing materials or technical specifications which will be passed on to clients? Please tell us the intended use, so we can put the right translator/proofreader on the job.

We work with computer-aided translation tools such as SDL Trados. The programs for computer-assisted translation do not translate themselves but are tools which aid the human translator in his work. CAT tools are an important yardstick for quality and help maintain consistency in terminology across the board.

Machine translation is done automatically through computer programs without need for a human translator. Linguistically inadequate, machine translations are more often than not incomprehensible and can only be used as a rough draft or a basis for further editing.

We are pleased to note that most of our clients seem to turn into repeat clients. Working with us on a regular basis has many advantages: we get to know your specialized vocabulary, terminology and products and will make it consistent across the board.

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