ATT translations

Languages as a gateway to the world

Discover new markets and show/pay your international customers respect by talking to them in their mother tongue.

Your technical translation in all languages

Companies and individuals who cooperate/work together with partners in a foreign country often need translated texts to communicate with them. We offer you a service without limits: May it be presentations, mailings, correspondence, letters, web pages as well as other multimedia content – we’ll provide the translation into the desired language. Over the years we have specialized in the translation of user’s guides and manuals. If you’d like we can totally manage your international press and public releases.

Guarantee of quality

Quality our customers have relied on for over 20 years!

Our clients place high value on smoothly running projects and the consistently high quality of our services. We offer customized solutions for specific client needs and take pains to ensure they’re supported by “master translators”, i.e., specialized translators that are assigned to projects based on their background and familiarity with a client’s specific needs – this is what we call true partnership from the get-go.

Formats and CAT tools

We work with a range of formats such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, InDesign, pdf, html. By using CAT tools such as SDL Trados, Star Transit and DejaVu, we ensure that our clients’ translations contain consistent terminology. The creation of databases for each project saves time and money when additional assignments are received from the same client.

Your advantages:

  • Consistent high level of quality
  • Translations are only provided by qualified translators (native speakers)
  • Professional project management
  • Strict adherence to deadlines and confidentiality
  • Binding offers
  • First-class quality translations certified under DIN EN ISO 17100

Ready for the next step?

Please contact us without any obligation. Send us the text that you would like to be translated and we’ll send you our offer in no time.

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